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Blower Packages

Standard Excelsior Blower Package System

Standard Blower Package Systems

The Excelsior Blower line of standard factory positive displacement blower packages are cost effective systems that can easily be configured to meet your specifications.


The heavy gauge discharge silencer and optional integrated sound enclosure effectively attenuate noise.  All enclosures include a motor shaft mounted enclosure cooling fan that is oversized for use in VFD applications.

Our standard instrumentation package includes: discharge pressure gauge, differential pressure gauge for monitoring filter condition, discharge thermometer, and discharge temperature switch.  Optional VFD and HMI packages are available.  Integrated filter silencer or inlet silencer and piping connection for remote mounting of inlet filter is available.

Regular PD blower maintenance is made easier with enclosure access panels that provide full access to internal components for maintenance, a motor pivot base that provides automatic tensioning of V-belts, and oil drain lines with valves and oil fill reservoirs that make oil changes simple.


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Custom Blower Packages

Custom Excelsior Blower Package

Excelsior Blower custom PD blower packages are built to last with elevated steel bases that include a bent solid steel plate with X-bracing, structural steel legs tied together with steel stringers, and leg gussets on larger models for a strong rigid structure designed to reduce vibration.

Inlet and discharge silencers are standard equipment for noise and pulsation reduction. Standard motors are TEFC, 230/460V and have a minimum service factor of 1.15. Guards are constructed of expanded steel metal for easy inspection of V-belts. Units are available in v-belt or direct drive configuration. Standard accessories include a pressure relief valve, check valve, and pressure gauge. 

All positive displacement blower units are available with optional aluminum sound enclosure for superior noise reduction.


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Custom Structural Steel Blower Packages

Custom Structural Steel Excelsior Blower Package

Excelsior Blower custom structural steel PD blower packages are designed for heavy duty applications. The base construction is rigid and adds mass to the package minimizing vibration and extending the life of all package components including the positive displacement blower, motor, silencers, and instrumentation.

Gussets and angle braces form a rigid base that does not deflect or flex. Machined mounting pads for Cycloblowers and PD blowers with 10" or larger gear diameters eliminate soft foot and allow a precise alignment of drives.

Flexible connectors on each side of the blower minimize vibration transmission and eliminate pipe stresses on the blower and silencers.

Components such as silencers and pressure relief valves are standard accessories.


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