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Gardner Denver Blowers

The durability of Gardner Denver products is measured in decades. Superior designs ensure the most reliable, energy efficient products in the industry we serve. Gardner Denver is a leading manufacturer of an extensive line of positive displacement blower and vacuum pump technologies to match the specific requirements of a wide range of air and gas applications.

The Gardner Denver blower line include Sutorbilt, HeliFlow, DuroFlow, CycloBlower, Cycloblower H.E., Triflow, and RBS (Robuschi) series. As a Gardner Denver factory authorized distributor, Excelsior Blower sells, stocks, and services a wide range of positive displacement blowers.

Gardner Denver QuickPik blower sizing program


Gardner Denver SutoBiltSutoBilt

When it comes to Gardner Denver blowers, the Sutorbilt™ line of rotary positive displacement blowers are the result of over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of superior industrial equipment. Supported by one of the largest distributor networks in the industry, the field proven design is a legend. The Sutorbilt™ series delivers pressure to 16 psig, vacuum to 16" hg and flows to 14,000 cfm. Available mechanic seals. ISO 9001 certified. Contact Excelsior Blower for a quote or purchase in our online store.

Sutorbilt Legend Series Brochure

Sutorbilt Legend DSL Series Brochure

Sutorbilt Legend Gas Application Brochure

Sutorbilt 4500 Series Brochure

Sutorbilt 8000 and 8000Q 10-12" Series Brochure 


Gardner Denver HeliFlowHeliFlow

Revolutionary twisted tri-lobe Gardner Denver HeliFlow™ blowers feature an innovative twisted three lobe impeller design. This results in lower pulse, lower vibration and lower noise while offering higher efficiency and higher pressure capabilities. HeliFlow™ also offers dual splash lubrication for heavy duty service. Contact Excelsior Blower for a quote.

Heliflow Series Brochure


Gardner Denver DuroFlowDuroFlow

The DuroFlow™ Industrial Series Rotary Positive Displacement blowers have 40 plus years of proven performance and reliability. Single-piece case and one-piece rotor/shaft design offers superior strength and internal air sealing. The dual splash lube for heavy duty service is exactly what you’ve come to expect from Gardner Denver blowers. DuroFlow™ sees flows to 4300 cfm, pressure to 15 psig and vacuum to 16" hg.  Contact Excelsior Blower for a quote or purchase in our online store.

Duroflow Series Brochure



Cycloblower H.E. Logo Cycloblower H.E. Series

The CycloBlower H.E. was built with efficiency in mind for energy savings. With energy consumption typically being the largest cost of ownership, the CycloBlower H.E.'s best-in-class energy efficiency can save thousands on energy bills, lowering your bottom line, and increasing profits.  Airflow to 6200 cfm.  Pressure to 36 psig and Vacuum to 22 inHg. Contact Excelsior Blower for a quote.

 Cycloblower H.E. Series Brochure



Gardner Denver CycloBlowerCycloBlower

The Helical Screw Rotor Design of the Cycloblower™ provides smooth pulse free compression. This Gardner Denver blower offers quiet, highly efficient operation results in lower brake horsepower bringing you significant power savings. Dual splash lube helps with heavy duty service and you’ll see airflow to 6700 cfm, pressure to 20 psig and vacuum to 17" hg. Contact Excelsior Blower for a quote.

 Cycloblower Series Brochure



RBS Logo   RBS Series Blower

Gardner Denver RBS (Robuschi) positive displacement blowers/vacuum pumps have combined leading-edge technology and on-thejob experience to continuously deliver enhanced designs and improved performance. Airflow to 14,570 cfm. Pressure to 15 psig and vacuum to 15 inHg. Contact Excelsior Blower for a quote.


 RBS Sereies Brochure




Triflow Logo Triflow Series

Gardner Denver is shaping the standards of performance and reliability in the design of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps. The tradition continues with the TriFlow Series vacuum pumps. Each TriFlow is engineered for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Specifically, TriFlow is the choice of leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of truck mounted vacuum cleaning systems.  Airflow to 700 cfm.  Vacuum to 16 inHg. Contact Excelsior Blower for a quote.

Triflow Series Brochure