Excelsior Blower Systems provides air blower and vacuum products for diverse applications and processes. We proudly serve a wide range of industries with reliable products and quality services. Please contact us with questions or for more information.

Positive Displacement Blowers

  • Aquaculture – Aeration
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cement & Lime - Dilute & Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying, Fluidization, Aeration, Combustion Air, Burner Feeding, Cooling, Gas Recovery, Handling & Lifting Cement Bags
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical - Vacuum Processing & Pneumatic Conveying
  • Dairy – Automated Milking
  • Dry Bulk Hauling - Trailer Unloading & Aeration
  • Environmental Services - Sewer Cleaning & Portable Restroom Services
  • Industrial - Material Vacuuming
  • Milling & Baking - Blending & Pneumatic Conveying
  • Oil & Gas - VOC recovery, Pipeline Boosting, Natural Gas Compression, Conveyance and Storage
  • Power Generation - Fly Ash Conveying & Aeration
  • Pulp & Paper - Chip Conveying & Process Vacuum
  • Resin & Plastic - Processing & Pneumatic Conveying
  • Soil Remediation
  • Vacuum Excavation - Potholing & Slurry Recovery
  • Wastewater Treatment - Grit Aeration, Channel Aeration, Aerobic Digestion, Aerobic Digestion, Filter Backwashing

Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

  • Automotive - Vacuum for robotic lifting, Windshield installation, Evacuation & moisture removal of braking system, Evacuation & moisture removal of power steering system, Rapid oil draining after test run of engines
  • Beverage / Soft Drinks - Degassing water prior to carbonation
  • Carton / Case Opening, Material Hold Down, Egg handling
  • Chemical - Coating, Cooling, Degassing, Drying, Impregnation, Pneumatic conveying, Solvent recovery (Continuous and batch distillation), Thin layer evaporation, Gas compression
  • Environmental - Biogas production, Compressed air for wastewater treatment, Digester gas compression, Filtering, Pond Aeration, Fish Farming, Wastewater Disposal, Wastewater Purification/Oxygenation of Activated, Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Sparging
  • Food/Beverage Packaging - Bottle Filling and Closing, Food Packaging, Trim Removal, Vacuum picking
  • Heavy Equipment – Industrial Parts Washing, Drying, Water removal from casting voids
  • Material Handling - Belt Conveyors, Bag Opening, Material Transferring, Copy Machines, Paper Converting, Plate making, Paper Feeding, Air Tables, Contact Printing, Labeling machines, Tape Tensioners, Overhead Conveyors, Flat Film Processing, Electronic Component Handling, Non Magnetic Material Hold-down or Transfer, Pick and Place Machines
  • Medical - Suction for surgery/aspirations/procedures, Wound care/drainage, Waste anesthetic gas (WAG) scavenging, Dental  (saliva siphon)
  • Packaging - Pharmaceutical capsule filling, Blister packaging, Carton erecting and filling, Carton folding and sealing, Bubble wrap production, Pick and place
  • Plastics – Calibration, Thermoforming, Extruder Vent Degassing, Pellet Drying
  • Print & Paper Handling - Book Binders, Cutting Machines, Envelope Sealing Machines, Folding Machines, Mail Sorting Machines, Paper Stack Lifts, Loaders and Un-loaders for Cutting Machines, Pallet Air Lifts, Air Tables, Gripper Systems, Paper Joggers
  • Rubber Products - Degassing rubber compound
  • Woodworking CNC Routers - Vacuum hold down