What Our Customers Are Saying - Customer Testimonials

  • “Aside from being impressed with the product, I have been very impressed with your professionalism throughout the entire purchase procedure.” - Naftali M. – Product Manager
  • “Thought I would share, still a ways off from start up, blowers look great.” – Brian J.
  • “We use these blower packages in the districts. Very little maintenance and work horses they are. Dan Fulton is very accommodating and knowledgeable at his craft and all equipment he supplies. When the time comes I recommend these for replacements.” – Jon W. - Maintenance Crew Chief
  • “Again, I want to reiterate that Excelsior has been outstanding to work with, and Scott and I really appreciate all the help you’ve provided on this high-spec project.” - Josh M. - Senior Project Engineer
  • “Thank you – this project has been a challenge and out of all the equipment suppliers you and your staff have been the most helpful in getting what we need.” – Harold G.
  • “My pneumatics team knows we can count on you and the information you supply. I can imagine that you are seeing the types of supply issues and tight timelines like we are now. Just the update responses from you guys have been great to see. You guys are appreciated. Big thanks from us!” - Jennifer G.
  • “To whom it may concern, I wanted to highlight great customer service. On Friday, May 6th I was able to work with Grace Shi & Tom Snyder. Both of these individuals played a pivotal role in getting our customer new O&M's and answering customer questions in a timely and professional manor. It was great working with you and can't thank your team enough!” Melissa S.
  • “Chad, Thank you for your outstanding service and very prompt reaction time. We have sent the old blower back with your driver. He was a pleasure to work with and was a great help.” – Chris R.
  • “Thank you all very much, stellar service.” – Mike K.
  • “Wanted to say the crew you sent out to make this happen today were excellent. Showed up on time, were professionals and made it look easy by working great together. Good guys. Looking forward to having them return once we get this blower fixed.” - Yosuan M.
  • “Attached is the startup form for the ... blower. I have been selling blower packages for 15 years, and this is probably the quietest unit I have ever installed. We had ALL the panels OFF the enclosure and could still have a normal conversation (I know it’s’ small but still…). These guys have (other manufacturers) machines onsite similar in size, and this unit is SO MUCH QUIETER!!! The enclosure you guys built is simply Awesome! Thickest panels on the market. The client is super impressed, and so am I. Great Job Excelsior!” – Jason M.
  • “You are the best!!! Thank you so much” - Jacklyn M.